A new report has indicated that in 2012, the PC market grew by eight percent over the previous year, netting all of $20 billion in revenue. Big name-releases including Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, and Minecraft are credited with significantly helping power the boom.

The PC Gaming Alliance, which counts among its ranks industry giants Intel and AMD, commissioned the report to be carried out by research group DFC Intelligence. The positive numbers may help to dispel some of the doomsday concerns around the PC market, which inevitably follow advances in consumer console technology. Indeed, the report highlights China – where games consoles have been banned for over a decade, ostensibly due to fears over their health impacts on children – as the source of a whopping $7 billion in revenue for the PC market. 

DFC Intelligence predicts a $5.7 billion rise worldwide by 2016, and with PC gamers estimated to number over a billion, that figure is not hard to believe. Nevertheless, with console technology chasing the levels achieved by higher and higher-end PCs with each subsequent generation, the market remains a hotbed of competition – and if, as was reported earlier in the year, the Chinese government is indeed reviewing its ban on consoles, there could be significant repercussions for the market. 

For the moment, however, the PC segment is veritably thriving.

Source: MCV