Executive producer of War Z Sergey Titov spoke with Eurogamer at GDC and explained that many people would be upset and quit playing the zombie MMO if the developer were to remove the system that causes players to lose micro-transaction items every time they die.

“In War Z when you die you lose all your items, even if you bought those items using real money. [It’s a] super, hardcore brutal choice. Recently some of the people on forums have been saying, ‘we don’t like that.'” But Titov claimed that he made a survey asking 18,000 users if this should be altered, and “most players said, ‘don’t change that or we leave the game.'”

“It turns out that people who get stuck and stay with the game, they like that,” Titov added.

Titov also touched on War Z’s poor reviews and reception and admitted that it did suck at launch but has improved greatly since then. He also stated that maybe online games can’t be reviewed because of their always changing nature.

“Most of the things they said they don’t like about the game that was true,” he admitted. “That was the state of the game.”

“Online games change weekly, sometimes daily bases. The game today won’t be the same game in the next three months.”

“I don’t know how online games should be reviewed,” he confessed. “Reviewing a game just once doesn’t work well for online games.”

Source: Eurogamer