Video Game Sophistry or VGS is radio dedicated to one thing, high quality gaming. Not only can you expect hosts Andy and Dave to delve into the newest and greatest in the gaming world, but every week we talk to the newsmakers that are developing these products you love and ask the tough questions.  We look into the artistic, economic and social implications of this growing medium with a critical eye, bringing you something you’ve never heard before.


Andy Borkowski:  Andy Borkowski is a News Anchor here at AM640 and hopes to bring that same news orientation to gaming. Andy has worked in the industry for several years publishing content for various magazines and websites; that love and dedication for advocating the artistic legitimacy of the medium has cultivated into strong relationship with major players in the industry. He’s the interviewer that asks the right questions that most major players miss, plus he has a magnificent and lustrous beard.

David Szpargala: Born and raised in Toronto, “Shaggy Dave” is a graduate of Humber College’s Radio Broadcasting program.  After that, he worked his butt off as an intern at AM640 and earned a gig as a technical producer. Shaggy Dave also loves his movies, music, video games, and sports.  The list is a rather long one when it comes to movies, Jurassic Park is his all-time favourite, but will settle for any Schwarzenegger flick or Star Wars any day. His first gaming console was a Nintendo 64 that came with Goldeneye and has been addicted to video games and first person shooters ever since.

This Week’s Episode!

In this week’s episode of VGS……..We review the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3 AND we give away some codes, developers behind the controversial “Pipe Trouble” talk about the gaming and the government and Brian Fargo joins us to talk about…TORMENT! Enjoy!


Make sure you listen everyweek! Below is our exclusive interview with Brian Fargo