The world of video games is full of strong opinions, let-downs, and zombies that you can never seem to kill. So is this week’s Weekly News Update! However, we don’t have an insane shotgun that fires grenades that latch on to your target, now do we? Wait, you do? Holy Crap. GIMME!

"Roger. The Xbox is in sight. Initiating operation 'Red Ring' "

“Roger. The Xbox is in sight. Initiating operation ‘Red Ring’ “

Firefall CEO Eulogizes the Console…Pre-Mortem.

I’m part of the PC master race, though I use the term with some trepidation. Generally I tend to take the road that different people like different thing and, *le gasp* that’s okay. I’m not overly fond of the PS3, and don’t play enough games on the XBox 360 to consider myself a massive fan., and don’t even get me going on the Wii. But, diversity is the spice of life, right?

Well, not according to Firefall/Red Five Studios CEO Mark Kern. During a panel at PAX East, he made the rather bold statement that “Consoles are Dead”. Wow, why don’t you take us in softly there Mark. You know, maybe try to be a little diplomatic perhaps…
Mark did later update his statement however:

“When I say consoles are dead,” Kern said, “it’s a broad statement but it’s really about how the current iteration of consoles is kind of brain dead. The old publishing model, the old ‘Let’s compete by putting more graphics in there’ isn’t working anymore.”

Now, I think I may actually agree with Mark Kern, but still, I think he may have been just a bit too blunt, particularly in a crowd that undoubtedly includes a good bunch of console gamers. Talk about alienating a piece of the fan base…


KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!! (+10 Fire Resistance)

KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!! (+10 Fire Resistance)


There’s no doubt that Blizzard is a big dog in the world of video games. Hell, any publisher that puts out World of Warcraft AND Starcraft has some immediate street credibility. However, this is not to say that Blizzard doesn’t get blamed for thing, nor even on occasion own up tho there mistakes.

However, I NEVER saw this coming…

Diablo III has a problem, and cowbells will do nothing to fix this non-medical issue. The problem is the auction house. Too many people play it too hard, it makes the low level gear-grind next to pointless, and generally has just screwed with how the developers want the game to be played.

In a recent interview with Joystiq, Jay Wilson had some rather surprising things to say about the in-game economic powerhouse:

“I think we would turn it off if we could,” Wilson said during his talk. But the problem is “not as easy as that;” with all of Blizzard’s current players, he says the company “has no idea” how many players like the system or hate it. Blizzard, Wilson said, doesn’t want to remove a feature that lots of players will be unhappy to see go. But he did say that the team is working on a viable solution, without giving any other details about what that would be like.

He’d turn it off if he could. While this does, wonderfully, make the Auction House sound like a re-animated titan of terror, it is an interesting point to consider: when do things go too far in a video game, and who should get to say when it is time to put something down. Ultimately, I’d probably say that, barring economic issues, the fans should decide, but I think this may be a sort-of naive stance.

"Hello. Would You Like to See the Dragons?"

“Hello. Would You Like to See the Dragons?”

Huh. Guess it IS Skyrim with Guns

Far Cry 3 was undoubtedly one of the most popular games to be released in quite some time. However, I must admit some reservations that I originally had about the game. When it was first released, the most well distributed tag line was clearly that it was “Skyrim with Guns”. Now, this pissed me off to no end (for really, no good reason). The true Skyrim with guns is, and will always be, Fallout and/or Fallout: New Vegas, depending on ones predilection for the East or West Coast, Cowboy Hats, Ancient History Knockoffs, and Energy Weapons.

Well, now, I think I may have to eat my words.

More and more data is piling in that an expansion is coming for Far Cry 3 that, if true, would definitely be Skyrim with guns. So, what is it that could push the scales in the favor of Far Cry?


A recently revealed achievement in the Far Cry 3 data files is named “Blood Dragon”, and would suggest that dragons in some form are going to come up in the Far Cry 3 expansion. Now, you might be thinking. Wait just a minute. this is a tropical paradise, full of crazy Cultists and Pirates! What the bloody hell would a dragon be doing there?” A valid question, but you are forgetting one very important thing my friend…..


There were many drug trips in Far Cry 3, and I see no reason to break the trend. Drugs and Dragons. Yep, this is going to be an expansion I can get behind…


This is going to eat up more than a few nights of my life...for a few reasons...

This is going to eat up more than a few nights of my life…for a few reasons…


SPACE HULK is Back, and Looks Better Than Ever

I’ve said before that I cut my nerd teeth not in world of video games, but in tabletop miniature games, and namely those from Games Workshop. Be it Blood Bowl, Warhammer Fantasy or 40K, I loved those little plastic soldiers that i spent hours assembling, painting, and then watching die horribly thanks to a misjudgment on my part.

Somewhat pleasantly, it seems Games Workshop is following me into the land of Video games. From Dawn of War, to Warhammer Online, to Blood Bowl, GW has actually had quite a bit of success in transporting there intellectual property into the digital realm.

And now, they’re doing it once again, this time with one of the best games they ever made; Space Hulk.

Imagine Aliens. Great Movie  full of Sci-Fi terror, bad-ass characters, and some excellent firefights in close quarters. Now, imagine that, instead of an industrial loader, Ripley got into a suit of armor that made her 50 times and strong and was bristling with weapons. Now imagine there were about 6 of Ripley and one of them had a mini-gun. That would be a good way to describe Space Hulk.

From the early screenshots, it also seems that the developers, Full Control, are sticking on the same general path as Blood Bowl, and not trying to disguise the fact that this game was actually a board game at one point. You can see numbers on the ground, clear spaces for models to occupy, and an excellent sense of atmosphere with dark corridors and dim flashlights illuminating an alien menace. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one…and My eyes open. What can I say, the Tyranids freak me out…




Thief’s Garret is a Tease…

Thief was an amazing game, only topped by its sequels. It wasn’t about trying to kill people in inventive way, or get a high score (unless you are talking about your net worth in larceny). It was about being, oddly enough, a Thief. You were far better off to extinguish lights, sneak along slowly, blackjack the single guard you needed to, and make off with the crown Jewels of [insert fantasy setting place name].

So, perhaps you can understand my elation and disappointment with the recent trailer released for the forthcoming Thief reboot.

On the one hand, it is perfect. You never see Garrett, and that’s good! You should not see garret!! He is THE master thief. And having him extinguish a candle with a brief *psh*? Brilliant! This better be a key mechanic of the game or else I’m going to be mighty disappointed….

On the other hand, the goddamn trailer is a mere 20 seconds long! GODDAMN IT I NEED MORE STEAMPUNK/MEDIEVAL STEALTH ACTION! GIVE IT TO ME!