Epic showed off its Unreal Engine 4 with a video showing the ‘Infiltrator’ demo running in real time on PC on PS4 dev-kit hardware. The Infiltrator video exhibits the rendering and lighting power of the new engine and extensive demonstration of the new tools which operate behind the scenes.

I’m not much of a hardware junkie myself but Epic’s Mark Rein can help explain this stuff better than I can, and there is also a video of the “Infiltrator” demo below for you all to see.

“Unreal 4 is architecture powered PC and console gaming and scales all the way from high-end next generation console down through PC developed titles for mobile and the web.” says Mark Rein. ” It’s written in C++ which is not only the de-facto language of AAA game development, but the de-facto language of programming. All the major applications and operating systems themselves are written in C++. It’s the language that more people know than any other.

“It’s designed to help developers achieve maximum productivity – that’s the whole reason we built it. It’s built to fit teams of all sizes: from a few people to hundreds of people. It’s equipped to support all genres and all business models.”

Source: Game Industry