Dean “Rocket” Hall was stopped and asked at GDC 2013 if the upcoming DayZ standalone title would be coming to consoles. Hall admitted that despite a lot of speculation, nobody has ever just straight out asked him the question before. Though he said a console version isn’t in development right now, there is nothing keeping it from happening in the future.

“Certainly I think if we don’t, for want of a better word ‘fuck up,’ the PC release then I would say a console port is almost certain,” Hall revealed. “I know a lot of people get really hot and bothered about it. Like, I’m not a console gamer, I’m a PC gamer, but I don’t think it necessarily has to hurt things.”

As for what console it would be on, the PS4 seems to be the most likely candidate. “It appears to be the kind of game that Sony are interested in, I think we just have to wait and see,” he continued. “We’ve talked and met with Sony, and they’re very – you know, they’re obviously interested.”

Hall also discussed how hacking is a major issue with the DayZ mod and for the standalone release, the team want to make sure that the same security issues don’t come up again. “It’s very difficult to be able to turn around and say ‘We have solved hacking’ because of the nature of it and even what [the hackers] are trying to do, it’s a creative thing,”

Source: Escapist