In this week’s episode of “VGS”………..The tech editor from joins us to talk about his experiences at GDC, we present part 1 in our exclusive interview series with the developers behind “The Witcher 3” and award-winning composer Garry Schyman joins us to preen Bioshock Infinite.

The Witcher 3 Interview (which starts at the 26 minute mark) did leak out some new details about the game. According to the lead story writer not only is the game expected to offer AT LEAST 50 additional hours of side quest content but most of those quests will offer insights into the main story.

The sidequest number, at this point,  is numbered at the 45 to 50 mark with some quests taking several hours while others just a few dozen. The role Geralt can play in these sidequests varies from “a detective” to a battle royal type arena.

Check back next week for part 2 of the interview were we go in depth into the different Epilogues present in the Witcher 3.