If Corvo Attono has taught us anything, silent characters that pretend to have lines….suck…. Thankfully the rest of Dishonored was a serviceable, if a sometimes rushed experience. For a little refresher in the Dishonored mythos, you play as Silent Assassin Corvo Attano, Royal Protector to the Empress in the lugubrious steam-punk Victorian country known as “Dunwall.” Unfortunately, you’re Empress dies (as they often do) extinguished by a mysterious figured named “Daud”.

You’re blamed and then meet the pan-like trickster god of chaos and seek to kill (or not) the man responsible for your perceived criminality and the death of your beloved. Now with the “Knife of Dunwall DLC” you are placed in the shoes of “Daud” moments after you kill the Empress. This gives the player a sense of perspective, as Daud travels in the world parallel to Corvo hearing about his deeds and lamenting (or relishing) the turbulent turn his life has taken.


We spoke with Ricardo Bare, designer on Dishonored and Creative Director of“The Knife Dunwall DLC” about what players can expect this Tuesday. 

Look for several additions for both Stealth and Combat based players- including “Choke Powder” “Arc Mines” that can either electrocute your enemies into dust, or leave them unconscious.

Find out more about Daud, Dunwall and how the Outsider is involved!

Interview starts at 23:30