In this week’s episode of  VGS.  Part Two of our interview with Story Writer Jakub Szamalek, on the Witcher 3. Starts at 21:00

Last week we discussed “Side Quests,” this week we learn about Romances and EXCLUSIVE information pertaining to the Epilogue.

Below are some tid-bits.

How are you keeping the Witcher true to it’s gritty realist roots?

“We are not afraid to tackle difficult subject matter or controversial issues, there will be quests and story arcs about quests and religious fantastics.”  

On Women and Romances- Around 24 minutes

“Relationships in the Witcher 3 are going to be more realistic and demanding, in the previous games Geralt had the chance to bang several women, but you always had these options. In the Witcher 3 such opportunities will only arise if you make good choices and you try to win your love interests approval. If you meet someone that you fancy in the game, but you make choices that conflict with that characters personality….you won’t be able to bang.
More like real life.”

On the Epilogues.

“We are implementing three completely different playable epilogues, so depending on what you did through out the game you will achieve different stories with different consequences.”


We believe that the core of the RPG experience is the choice, this is what really matters- making the character do what you would have done. In the very end of the game you will have to make one final decision, that I think will be extremely difficult and emotionally draining…depending on what you decide you’ll have three different epilogues and they’re different not only in terms of locations and NPC’s but also in the ambiance and feel.

You can make a decision that will be good for Geralt, but bad for everyone else and vice-versa. These three epilogues will allow you fell the consequences of what you’ve done throughout the game.