I REALLY want to play this...

I REALLY want to play this…


I Swear, this is the LAST time I talk Blood Dragon…

Now, I know I’ve mentioned Blood Dragon before. No, I’m not a Ubisoft plant, and no I’m not getting kickbacks. I really honestly just think that this game looks freaking amazing. First, there was the concept, then there was the 80’s Saturday morning cartoon-style trailer, and now, as if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, there’s a short live action film produced by Corridor Digital.

I’m not sure my mind is actually able to comprehend how awesome this is. Cyborgs? Guns? EXPLOSIONS? Check, Check and Double Check. Even if I wasn’t born in the 80’s I’ve got a great appreciation for the over the top, totally badass action hero genre that came out during that marvelous decade.

Blood Dragon arrives , and I will actually be buying FarCry 3 in order to play THIS DLC….OH WAIT, I don’t have to. Yep, Blood Dragon is a complete stand alone piece of DLC. Hell, i think it may be insulting to just call this DLC. It is an entirely new Cyber-Game, more advanced that the original, faster, Stronger and more ready to kick ass.


Probably a Racist....

Probably a Racist….

Bioshock: Infinite is Popular=Shock of the Century

Bioshock Infinite lead sale in the US this month.

Stop. The. Presses.

Okay, I’m being sarcastic, as anyone who has been gauging public opinion and hype over the past month probably saw this coming from miles away. Bioshock Infinite has been a massive hit, and for very good reason: It is a thought provoking and engaging story that doesn’t baby things down for you, supported by tight gameplay with a few new flavors spicing up the solid foundation created by Bioshock. Also, you get to mess up the faces of Sky Racists while Belle looks on in either admiration or disgust. Still not quite sure.

There not much more that can be said: Bioshock Infinite is an amazing achievement and deserves the success it is enjoying right now. Don’t rely on an LP or the hype you are hearing, go buy this game. I simply offer this one bit of advice: Prepare to have your mind blown.

Girl Scouts Have Gotten A Lot More Badass...

Girl Scouts Have Gotten A Lot More Badass…

Girls Scouts Pwn Noobs for Merit Badges

Ah Scouting. A true American Pastime, be it Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. One sells popcorn, the other vastly better cookies. Being an Egale Scout myself, I cherish the many summers i spent learning survival skills, Hiking and canoeing through the pristine maine wilderness, and learning how to be a better citizen. Truly, these were golden moments of…

Wait what? There is now a Game Design Merit Badge? AND ITS WITH THE GIRL SCOUTS?!

Putting aside my incredible jealousy that this didn’t exist when I was in scouting, I actually have a slight issue with this. Gaming is a fine hobby, and has taught me a lot as a person and a gamer (Thank you Age of Empires), but everyone should make an attempt to be well rounded. Offering a game design badge isn’t exactly going to promote that in Scouts. We probably do play more video games than we should, and should get outside, breath fresh air and observe the tracks of small mammals. Keep Scouting about the outdoors, leave the high school and college years for the gaming. There is room for both.

Serious Game. Super Serious.

Serious Game. Super Serious.

Toilet Humor helps Saints Row Succeed…Apparently

If you haven’t played it, Saint Row the Third likely seems like a juvenile and vulgar pigsty of a game. If you have played Saints Row the Third, you probably enjoy it because it is Juvenile, vulgar and give you a gigantic open pigsty in which you can beat people senseless with a gigantic purple Dildo-bat.

There’s no denying that Saint’s Row is home to some, eclectic humor. Some people could play it for days, all the time with a gigantic grin on their faces, while others could not handle 5 minutes. However, Volition Producer Jim Boon thinks that this level of ridiculousness is actually what made Saints Row a success.

“Ultimately I don’t think that SR’s tone gets in the way of bigger sales. If anything, I think our tone is an element of our success. SR is quite unlike anything else out there, and I think gamers crave unique experiences – I know I do. We have a lot of passionate fans that love SR, so I think we are striking the right chord.”

No shit. I mean, come on, that is THE reason you play Saints Row the Third, and will play Saints Row 4. It is hilarious, over the top, and that’s exactly why you go to it. You are not looking for a deep story or compelling characters; You want to beat people up and laugh about it while you do it. There’s not a single thing wrong with that.