According to Just Cause developer and Avalanche Studios founder Christofer Sundberg, story-driven triple-A game don’t make sense business wise.

Writing on Twitter, the designer offered up the question: “Why should a game have an end? Why bother about story when all data proves that players don’t care?”

“6-12hrs story-driven AAA games makes no sense commercially any more,” he said.

The developer did mention that there are some exception, most notably Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. Regardless, he said that the data proves that players don’t care about the story or story missions.

“Story missions are not important,” Sundberg added.

Sundberg’s data that he basing this claim on comes from information gathered from their game Just Cause 2. He said Avalanche Studios spent 3-5 months creating the game’s story missions, but just 18 percent of players completed these.

Sundberg responded to one of his Twitter followers asking if he believes a game will get stale if there is no end or satisfying conclusion.

“Depends on what game you are making,” Sundberg said. “Never underestimate the player’s urge to grind.

Sundberg ended his comments by saying though he enjoys story in games, he doesn’t see it being a part of successful games moving forward.

“For the record: I love a good game story. I just don’t believe in it for the future,” he said.

Source: Gamespot