Zynga COO Dan Ko did an interview with VentureBeat stating that the recent closing of most of their games was significant for their long-term goals, and so they can put their brightest talent in the right places.

“It’s around making sure that we have our best resources and our best leaders on the right teams so that, in essence, we can have the best shot on goal,” Ko said. “We’re not saying it’s always going to go in the net, but we are saying that we want to increase our odds and always make sure we have the best shot on goal.

“What we’re recognizing is that to do that, you have to make some of these tough calls. While it’s always hard to shut down games that are in progress or games that are live, those calls are made so we can better position ourselves to win in the long term. We’re not playing for the short term right now.”

Now with Zynga’s cost under control, they are focused on addressing its declining MAUs with a more considered, higher quality release slate.

“In the last few quarters, you’ve seen that we can be more disciplined in how we think about our costs and our expenses. I think we’ve shown that. We’re going to make hard decisions because we want to make sure we’re investing our resources and our money in the right areas to create games that we believe will be franchises.”

Source: Game Industry, Venture Beats