If you watched a lot of cartoons in the 90’s, then I’m sure you’re familiar with The Batman Animated Series. What’s that? You’re not? Stop reading this. Yeah, I just told you that. I might lose some money and Andy won’t be happy about telling people to leave his site, but you need to go find anyway you can to watch probably the greatest animated series ever created by man. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it probably isn’t.

Back to the news article, universally agreed as the best voice actor of Batman ever, Kevin Conroy, will not be reprising his role as the Dark Knight in the new Batman: Arkham Origins game.

Warner Bros. Montreal reason for the change is that they want “to use a new younger actor because the game features Batman in his early years,”where as Conroy interpretation sounds much too experienced.

This is newest installment in the Arkham series is not being headed by Rocksteady and will take place early into Batman’s career. Mark Hamill, voice of the Joker, will also not reprising his role as well.

It seems like the odds are stacked against the newest Batman game as many people can’t seem to accept a new Batman without the voice actors or not being in the hands of Rocksteady. I guess we will have to see if it can hold its own this October.

Source: Gamespot