Rockstar have released the three trailers they teased a couple days back for Grand Theft Auto V. There are three trailers for each of the characters that go into a bit of detail as to who they are and their motivations for doing what they do. The trailers all feature your typical GTA shenanigans; jumping off stuff, shooting, punching, car chases, all the flashy toys you will be able to play with and so on.

The first trailer focuses on Micheal, a retired professional bank robber who is in the middle of a mid-life crisis. He enjoys living the American dream but also wants a more exciting life again. Understandable, especially since his kids seem like a bunch twats. I maybe completely wrong on this, but I believe he is the first protagonist to have a family or at least be a father of some kind. Right or wrong, it will still be an interesting dynamic compared to the other characters he will be sharing the spotlight with.

Franklin is inner-city gangbanger who seems like he is tired of the gang life. His story seems to be very similar in tone and setting to Carl’s in San Andreas. Um… that’s about it. There are strippers in his trailer. That’s nice.

And finally we have Trevor, who I’m sure is probably the fan favorite by now. He pisses on things, likes to punch a lot of people, enjoys complimenting titties and is long time friends with Micheal. A lot of people were put off by GTA IV’s more serious tone, so I think Trevor will helps fill that void nicely. Also, I like to imagine he is a more athletic and crazy form of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.