For those of you thinking of pirating Greenheart’s newest game Game Dev Tycoon, you might want to reconsider because the developers have a surprise for those that do.

Writing on the studio’s blog, Greenheart Games’s Patrick Klug revealed their cunning maneuver where they released a second version of the game on torrent sites moments after releasing the official game.

Those who play the pirated version of the game will enjoy a few hours of play-time before their virtual game studio gets shut down because, you guessed it, too many people where pirating your studio’s games.

“Slowly their in-game funds dwindle, and new games they create have a high chance to be pirated until their virtual game development company goes bankrupt,” said Klug.

“As a gamer I laughed out loud: the IRONY!! However, as the developer, who spent over a year creating this game and hasn’t drawn a salary yet, I wanted to cry. Surely, for most of these players, the 8 dollars wouldn’t hurt them but it makes a huge difference to our future!”

A day after its release, Game Dev Tycoon’s usage statistics suggested that 93.6% of its players had downloaded the game for free. You can read more on Greenheart Games’ blog.

Source: Edge