A picture of Grand Theft Auto V is beginning to take shape – one that is clearer than ever before – courtesy of new visual and informational material that has surfaced today. 

Perhaps most exciting of all are the lengthy gameplay previews which, though they’ve yet to grace the public stage, have still resulted in some revelations about just what will be possible in the game.

Here is what we know.
If reading isn’t your thing skip to 11:54 to hear all this info voiced


  • The game world will be the biggest yet, with more guns and vehicles than ever before in a GTA game. A wider FOV will help you take in more at a time.
  • Some of the marine vehicles will come complete with diving equipment, to support excursions into the deep. The ocean will not have any form of signposting, so prepare to be fully immersed (literally) in exploration.
  • Switching between characters will be easy, even in cutscenes. As long as you aren’t being pursued by the police under the game’s wanted system, you’ll be able to switch pretty much at will. Try not to die, though; you’ll still have to reload even if one or two protagonists are still alive.
  • Luckily, the wanted system has been slightly refined. It now uses five stars rather than six, and hiding from police within the wanted radius will be an option, thanks to a new line-of-sight based pursuit system that will avoid any kind of “psychic guards” issues.
  • You’ll be able to take cover more easily with a combat roll.
  • Side missions of varying flavors will spice up the main adventure, along with undirected activities like stunt-jumping in vehicles and robbing ATMs and liquor stores.
  • You’ll be able to use the new in-game phone – subtly titled the iFruit – to take pictures and upload them to Rockstar’s Social Club. Glorified screenshot-sharing just got slightly meta. There are also apps on the phone, including one that will let you replay missions.
  • Heists play a large part in the game, with players able to arrange mini-heists of varying levels, organizing crew, materials and getaway vehicles. As their abilities grow, so will those of the crew they hire – if they survive. Henchmen will be able to specialize as they evolve.
  • You’ll split the payout of the heist, with more expensive crew requiring a larger cut.
  • You can monitor the success of each heist with a report that follows each excursion, detailing profit and a number of other stats.
  • Combat has been somewhat overhauled, with a weapon wheel and full-on run-and-gun abilities making for a more fluid experience.
  • Running with a weapon will allow you to jog with your gun out, but not up.


  • Individual protagonists will sport customized abilities, including lung capacity, flying, driving, and more common strength, stamina and stealth – the last of which implies that run-and-gun may not be the only available approach to some missions.
  • Special abilities are relevant to the characters; Michael can enjoy a form of bullet time, hyped-up drug dealer Trevor can go into a kind of berserker rage to gain double damage and 50% damage resistance, whilst Franklin can slow time whilst driving.
  • Customization will include hairstyles, tatoos, and clothing. Vehicles will also be customizable, with performance upgrades and cosmetic changes available. Weapons will also be upgradeable.
  • Along with houses and garages, businesses and marinas will be buyable, and it is possible to make a profit as a business owner.


  • Did we mention it was big? Farmland, desert, mountains and even military bases make up parts of the game world, along with a considerable amount of traversable water environments.
  • There are sharks, among other fish, and dry land is also populated with appropriate wildlife, which can be hunted.
  • You can dive in search of treasure and long-lost shipwrecks, but be aware that some NPCs will also be after anything lucrative.

As if that weren’t enough, another collection of screenshots also saw the light of day today, showing off yet more epic vistas, action-packed firefights and expensive cars: 

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GTA V looks tantalizing enough this far in advance of the game’s September 17th release. The media drip-feed is likely to only continue, but if you’re still burning for more content, you can check out last week’s trailer for the game’s three protagonists:

Source: CVG