In a world of saturation – where every multi-million dollar title plays nearly the same, Metro Last Light is a breath of fresh air. Developed by 4A and published by Deep Silver (who luckily picked up the pieces after THQ fell apart) Metro Last Light is a continuation of the original game and book series that seamlessly mixed together complex geo political issues and magic monsters. 

We had the chances to speak to  Jeremy Greiner from Deep Silver on their next blockbuster.  Find out why it’s a level ABOVE normal shooter gameplay! We are also giving away the game! Follow the instructions right before the interview and win your own FREE copy!

Interview Starts at 7:08!

“The first game was a little more PC- he’s 10 years older now and that shows in the character Atryom- perhaps he’ll uncover geo-political plots. The amazing thing is usually these are reflections of the errors we’ve made in our past- everyone know what happened in World War 2- some people have chosen to hold onto those ideals which is expressed in several varied themes in the game!  they hold the ideals.”


Metro Huitler


“I hope it’s one of those games that have a A-Ha moment– for the longest time I had trouble grasping the game.  All of sudden, I realized it was making me Rethink how to play a First Person Shooters– at first it’s different or annoying- it’s not the game, it’s me that has the issue- and I don’t think we get that a lot of the time, unfortunately in our history we’ve become a lot like everyone else, since this game is stepping away from it-  it’s a great step in the right direction.”


How to Get the Game for FREE!

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