EA has confirmed that the survey for Battlefield 4 is genuine. Although, it should be noted that not all the features in the survey “[are] not indicative of anything we have in the works”.

The survey asked for participator’s opinions on things such as if they plan to pre-order BF4, new multiplayer idea and teases the idea of naval warfare in the upcoming game.

Battlefield 4 extends the front past the shoreline with the addition of intense and dramatic water-based combat,” it reads. “Pilot attack boats, RHIBs [rigid-hulled inflatable boats], and jet skis on swelling seas and stormy oceans.

“Experience a more dynamic battlefield where no two games will ever be the same,” the survey adds. “Blow the foundations of a dam and flood the area of combat. Bump into a vehicle and its alarm will give away your position. Cut the power to a building and envelop the enemy in a cloak of darkness. Your actions physically change the battlefield in real time, providing interactive game environments that react to your every move.”

The survey also mentions “Battlepacks” as unlockable rewards. “Possible rewards include bonus XP boosts, knives, weapon attachments, and customisation options like soldier camos, weapon paints and dog tags [that] will let you play your way and stand out on the battlefield. The more you play the faster you earn them, but with 300 possible Battlepacks featuring more than 1200 items, you never know what you’ll unlock.”

Source: CVG, MP1st