Ex-producer for the Grand Theft Auto series Jeremy Pope spoke with Game Industry International recently and shared his reason why he made the decision to never work on violent video games ever again.

“I had grown up playing all types of games, violent games included, and worked on Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto,” said Pope.“I would always kind of defend the games we were making and I was pretty proud of being involved, but then when I would visit my grandmother in highly religious Alabama and have to explain what I do for a living, I didn’t feel so great about explaining to them that I was a part of ‘that game’ they’ve been hearing about. I think that’s what sort of planted the seeds of me wanting to work on different types of games.”

Regardless of his stance on violent games, he had nothing but praise for Rockstar’s work.

“I definitely want to make a point of saying that I actually love Rockstar’s games and I think that it’s unfortunate that their games were specifically called out and targeted by the media, because their games – and we all know this – are really masterworks.”

Jeremy Pope was the producer for both Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

Source: Game Industry