Many racing fans might be curious as to why Grand Turismo 6 is being released on the Playstation 3 instead of the shiny, new Playstation 4. Well, Playstation European Boss Jim Ryan told the PS Blog that is is because there is still a lot of potential in the PS3, and also because he likes even numbers.

“You had GT1 and GT2 on PS one, GT3 and GT4 on PS2, then there’s GT5 on PS3 and a space next to it,” said Jim Ryan

“The difference between Gran Turismo and GT2 is unbelievable, but they’re both on the same platform. The difference between GT3 and GT4 is huge. We’re absolutely confident when GT6 comes, you’ll see a big step change up from GT5 too. There’s still a lot of potential on PS3 that a developer like Polyphony can really exploit.

“And the other factor is that on PS3 we have an install base of 70 million units. On PS4 on launch day we’ll have an install base of zero units. There’ll be plenty of games to help drive PS4 – not least Drive Club in the racing genre from Evolution Studios, a studio with a fantastic pedigree.”

Source: CVG