The incendiary title aside, Mark Meer (the voice of Commander Shepard) joined the show this week to give a retrospective on the Mass Effect series! Find out when he yelled at himself and his thoughts on the ending of Mass Effect 3!  Interview starts at 44:30


Highlights Include

On the actual acting process- going back and forth Renegade and Paragon:

“Generally we do each pathway dialogue or vice versa, and there are some lines of course that are shared- that’s another challenge, trying to ride that line so that you don’t come off as bipolar in your reactions-not everyone plays pure paragon or pure renegade so to find that line where your not widely swinging in your emotions.

There are neutral lines so you can’t put on too much pepper- we relied on our directors, they were the ones who kept us on track and gave us contact for the scene- especially since it wasn’t in chronological order”


How to Voice Shepard:

“Commander Shepard is essentially just me trying to sound tough, and of course dropping a few “actory things”- military discipline- just acting like you are used to having a crews life in your hands.

What was the first line you recorded for the series?

The E3 Demo in 2006- not sure exactly how much of we recorded actually ended up in the game, some of it was recorded and reused- but the very first thing I was doing for the game was Commander Shepard threatening Salarian  Bar Tender- who I was only playing- so it was me threatening myself”


More Instance where Mark Meer yelled at himself (Meow): 

“Well I played the Vorcha- and usually when the Vorcha meet up with Commander Shepard….it doesn’t end well- There’s also Niftu Call“the Biotic God Volus”– he’s a volus dosed up on Red Sand- who thinks he has biotic powers…he does not..although he did prove so popular that in multiplayer he was in fact a biotic god!

All of the Hanar are voiced by me- including Blasto which was A LOT of fun to do. SPOILERS- If you’ve played the Citadel DLC there’s that great scene where Blasto and Shepard actually finally meet.”



On the Endings of Mass Effect 3….

“As I said before I never took issue with the ending, it’s not my place to do so “Hey Bioware I think it should end this way!” It’s my job to serve the vision of the writers- I didn’t take issue with it. For the most part it seemed like fans wanted  were things that were not made clear. I think Bioware wanted to intentionally leave it open ended and spark discussion.

When things like the Indoctrination Theory came out- I was surprised as anyone and thought, “Wow this could actually make sense” 

So I think a lot of the issues were addressed with the Extended Cut DLC (Mass Effect Relays weren’t actually destroyed, your Squad mates don’t starve etc) with these issues I always thought that would be a very interesting jumping off point for a game, like this stranded alien armada on Earth and a lot of them only have weeks to live.

So you begin a game saying “Okay my species can’t survive on this planet for more than a week or a few days so we gotta get off!!!” but again, I think a lot of questions and concerns were addressed in the Extended Cut DLC and as I mentioned the ‘Reaper God Ending” I particular enjoyed

Citadel DLC was the chance to say goodbye, now I know there wasn’t a DLC pack that gave you Blue babies and the options to retire on a beach, but I do think it provided that emotional need to say goodbye to all of the characters.

When you take that and the Extended Cut….SUCH a perfect ending” 


Thanks for listening!

Tune in next week when Drew Karpyshyn (Former Bioware writer) joins us to talk ALL about Mass Effect, KOTOR and so much more!