Avalanche Studio co-founder Christopher Sundberg weighed in on all the talk around DRM and its place in the next-gen era of gaming while speaking with Edge.

The Just Cause developer (who also revealed that the studio is working on the upcoming Mad Max game that was shown that this years E3) believes that DRM shouldn’t get in the way with the player and their gaming experience.

“Yeah no it’s terrible. I mean, to protect the rights of the developer, creator, that’s really important but sometimes DRM has been used… well it’s just systems [have been] developed that just get in the way of completely enjoying the experience and forcing players to be constantly connected when the game really didn’t have to be that way.”

Sundberg does believe that greater connectivity will enrich the gaming experience, if it is done in a more natural way.

“I think the way games are evolving now is that there will be more connectivity just by the way that making games evolves naturally,” he continued. “So the connectivity will be a natural part of every game so I don’t think that that part will be an issue in the future for gamers. Look at what they did in Journey for example, and The Walking Dead.”

“When we have that connectivity there’s no need for systems like that, it just gets in the way, becomes more annoying.”

Source: Edge