Bethesda Says Prey 2 Just Ain’t Good Enough

A long while back, there was a very awesome trailer released for Prey 2, a sort of Star Wars meets Dog The Bounty Hunter game from Bethesda. I mean, seriously, this looks great:

Well, this week we found out why things have been so damn quiet: Bethesda’s got standards.

“We appreciate that folks are displeased that we haven’t had any update or any info on Prey 2, but whatever your displeasure is, you can’t even be remotely as unhappy about it as us,” Hines told IGN. “We spent years and millions of dollars and a ton of effort trying to help Human Head make a great Prey 2 game. What we said the last time we said anything was that it’s not up to our quality standards.”
Hines continued, “it’s simply not good enough. We’re not going to just proceed blindly with something that isn’t good enough. We’ve been very specific about why, and we’ve been very specific about the whats. When that gets addressed and changed or whatever, at that point we can give an update.
You have to appreciate how much they’re sticking to their guns, even if it is slowing things down.



The War Z is Back, and As Insulting as Ever!

So, a while back, The War Z had a pretty bumpy launch: There was chaos on their official forums, blatant lies on their steam page, and more than a few questionable actions made by the Developers. Oh, not to mention that the game was actually buggy as hell and nigh unplayable. So, as a result, they were pulled from Steam. Many thought that this meant they were done .

But they returned. Even through all the bad press, The War Z managed to claw its way back to the surface. Some were horrified, other thought they might give it another chance… Yet still the game was plagued with drama and poor design choices.

Well now, they’ve got a whole new name: Infestation: Survivor Stories. For me, this migt be the final straw. No, releaseing a bad game was the final straw, this is just insulting. Rather than admit you did wrong, fix the game or move on to some other project, The developers of The War Z have the nerve to try and release the game under some other title and hope we don’t notice.

Seriously The War Z/ Infestation: Whatever the Hell…..Screw. You.


And So Steam Began Its Age of Domination...

And So Steam Began Its Age of Domination…

Steam Maybe Be Sharing Soon

Steams pretty great, I mean theirs sales a plenty, a convenient market places, huge sales, easy access to your friends, and did i mention the sales? One thing that can, legitimately be brought up as a con against Steam, and virtually all digital distribution methods, is that you cannot share games with your friends.

Well, it seems like that MAY be changing. A user on NeoGaf managed to find a very interesting bit of code stuck into a recent Steam Update:

Found in the latest Steam Beta update.

Update to Steam Beta. Steam > Settings > Beta Participation
Go to you Steam/Public/steamui_english to verify
“SteamUI_JoinDialog_SharedLicense_Title” “Shared game library”
“SteamUI_JoinDialog_SharedLicenseLocked_OwnerText” “Just so you know, your games are currently in use by %borrower%. Playing now will send %borrower% a notice that it’s time to quit.”
“SteamUI_JoinDialog_SharedLicenseLocked_BorrowerText” “This shared game is currently unavailable. Please try again later or buy this game for your own library.”

If this is, indeed, true, it may make Steam the end all be all of game distribution methods. I mean, the only thing that could top this is….dare I say it…Half-Life 3…

THIS IS AUSTRALIA...after the Apocalypse...

THIS IS AUSTRALIA…after the Apocalypse…

Where in the World is Mad Max?

Im a big fan of the Apocalypse, be it nuclear, zomboid, or environmental. I think it makes a superb backdrop for Movies, books or games, and I devour anything in that setting with ravenous anticipation.

Yet, when I heard the troubling news that Mad Max: The Game, something based on one of the classics of the Post-Apocalyptic genre. would NOT be set in Australia, I was mad. If you haven’t seen mad Max (which you really should do), All three movies are set in a post-apocalyptic Aussie outback. The film series is undeniably Australian, and Australia actually gives the movie a rather unique tone and atmosphere. However, this game based on a cult classic is apparently a new IP.

“We treated this as a completely new property,” said Avalanche Founder and Chief Creative Officer Christofer Sundberg, when I enquired after the studio’s decision. “And that was really the only way for us to take on a licensed game. It’s the first licensed game we’ve ever taken on. And we wanted to treat it like an original IP. The setting – where it is in the world – has really nothing to do with the Mad Max video game. It’s really a game to do with the relationships between different people in this world.”

I severely hope they make a new decision on this. I may have bought the game, even if it was bad, but unless they add some Aussie flair to this game, I doubt I’ll look at it again.

I Don't Know What to Say...

I Don’t Know What to Say…

A Message from John McAfee

Finally this week: A Message from John McAfee. Any PC gamer knows the dread terror that is McAfee Anti-virus software: though it claims to be protecting your computer, instead it slows every process down, updates with a frequency that is far from necessary, and generally just eats up any ability for your computer to do what you bought it for. Well, the Founder of McAfee Antivirus Software has sat down to give us a little instructional video on how to get it off of our computers.

Warning this is very much Not Safe For Work. It is however, in light of current events, goddamn hilarious.