Chances are you’re already too entrenched to care, but since it is the year of the Console War 2013!  (movie rights pending) here’s some additional information from Sony on the Playstation 4 Interview starts at 54:44 

Sitting at E3 for mere moments on the secluded second tier of the Playstation booth (which I was asked to vacate from almost immediately) I got the chance to speak to Matt Levitan, from Playstation Canada all about their reveal at the expo.

What followed was one of the frankest and honestly, most pleasant conversations I’ve ever had with a PR rep. No longer was I communicating with a corporate mouth piece but someone who spoke plainly regarding gamers needs and habits, specifically Microsoft’s previous decision of online always. As Matt explains, Sony went a different route:

“There’s a lot people out there who don’t have internet access daily, if at all, or just want to play single player offline games- we welcome you with open arms”

As for the controversy regarding used games…..

“For the PS4 it’s not too dissimilar to how it works today, you can buy your games (at various retailers) play it and sell it if you want. We listened to gamers, who recently did not like the DRM strategy from our competitor and decided to go a different way”

 A strategy that has been famously overlooked by Microsoft a week after Sony announced their intentions. Some more cynical gamers believed the move by Sony was not a part of their original marketing strategy, in fact their was one nasty rumors that the “No DRM” slides were all last minute additions. Matt disagrees:

“We had this idea for weeks, but waited until E3 to share the information…. We decided on this policy around when the Xbox One was announced in May.”

In terms of the overall aesthetic design of the console, Matt explains that many in the gaming industry have refereed to it “lovingly” as an eraser that plays games. As you may recall, back in February many were up in arms that the console wasn’t shown- our main man Matt even has an answer for that!

 “It’s a black box that fits under your TV and plays awesome games…..what do you expect?” 

The familiar AMD chip-set in the PS4 is also being touted as a much easier process for developers to make content for the system simpler- which was  a huge complaint regarding the PS3. 

Finally, he leaves us with the idea that this iteration from Sony is NOT a simple upgrade (the Sony PS3.5 as he puts it) there’s new content, new games and truly next generation experiences!



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