Even though I’ve been putting up with it for a awhile, the latest Xbox Live dashboard still doesn’t sit right for me. Sometimes I still missed the origianl Xbox 360 dashboard that was like flipping pages. you all know what I’m talking about right? Well, can’t live in the past I guess. Anyway, according to Stick Widdlers, an Xbox employee talked about the new Xbox One dashboard, and how it is designed “with advertising in mind.”

“With the new Xbox One, the technology and Kinect has improved a lot,” said the technical account manager for Xbox Live Advertising, “so that actually, the voice recognition, the way you speak to your Xbox, and the transition between gaming and watching TV is a lot smoother, and hopefully we can transpire that into advertising that we do.

“Xbox is moving more outside of the bedroom. We’re seeing much, much more people use it in living rooms where there is family, friends, there is lots going on, so there is a context of perceiving the content,” the senior digital art director/use experience designer said. “It’s not like when you’re at work, when you sit in front of a screen and your experience is very personal. But with Xbox, it’s lots of people in front of one big screen. They are playing or watching together, and advertising is being consumed in a totally different way.”

Source: Stick Widdlers