Strong words from Microsoft, after unveiling the Xbox One earlier this year there was concern that the system was becoming more main stream. Focusing instead on television integration as opposed to  quality gaming.

At this year’s E3, Mircosoft is now singing  a different tune. On VGS this week, Craig Flannagan from Xbox Canada joins the show to discuss why, “Xbox One is the Best Place for Gamers.”Listen Below!

Immediately Flannagan doesn’t holding back saying, “We’ve given developers a pallet to create games unlike anywhere else” citing 17 exlcusive titles coming for the Xbox One in the first 6 months of release, 10 of which are completely new IP’s.

Another big focus for the next generation Xbox, is of course Xbox Live with over 48 million users currently online around the world, Craig says, “The new reputation system will make match making smarter….especially with developers now given the ability to match gamers based on age, region, language….it’s a new age of online gaming.”

Details are still slim though on how the Xbox One will allow players to share their content. While evading more prodding questions Craig explains that it will work, like a digital video recorder- offering all of the essential services of any current gen capture software.

Of course in this modern age any Xbox PR exec would be remiss if he didn’t mention “Smartglass” 7-15 times- Mr Flannagan does not disappoint, We know Canadians play games, watch TV and watch movies with their smart phones beside them…if the device is there, Smartglass allows Microsoft to take advantage of that like no one else”

In terms of price already there are attempts to ameliorate concerns with the typical package for the Xbox One starting at $499. Craig explains how product is worth the price-tag: “It’s the best value in entertainment if you think about what you get.  You get a console connected to the cloud, they all come with Kinect and you get these incredible games that just can’t be made anywhere else. We think that all rolls into the best holiday deal in entertainment”

PR speak or the Gospel of Truth?

Listen to the show this week and Win!