It seems Mr. Schafer might have been off more than he can chew, or at least overestimated how much money it would take to complete Double Fine’s upcoming game Broken Age.

“You guys have been been very generous in the tip jar (thanks!) but this is a larger sum of money we were talking about,” said Tim Schafer in a letter to all Kickstarter backers that was can be found in full at Gamasutra

“Asking a publisher for the money was out of the question because it would violate the spirit of the Kickstarter, and also, publishers. Going back to Kickstarter for it seemed wrong. Clearly, any overages were going to have to be paid by Double Fine, with our own money from the sales of our other games. That actually makes a lot of sense and we feel good about it. We have been making more money since we began self-publishing our games, but unfortunately it still would not be enough.”

Broken Age will now be split into the two parts, with the first half being released through the Steam Early Access program, and then using the funds that come from that to finish the second half. Without this method, the game wouldn’t be released till 2015.

“That means we could actually sell this early access version of the game to the public at large, and use that money to fund the remaining game development. The second part of the game would come in a free update a few months down the road, closer to April-May.”

Source: Game Industry, Gamasutra