One of the biggest challenges Bungie’s new game Destiny will have to face is that it will be inevitably compared to the company’s biggest prior franchise, Halo. In fact, people have all ready started drawing parallels between the enemies of Destiny and the Elites from Halo.

“Take the Fallen, for example. When people saw them at E3, they were all too quick to compare them to the Elites you fought in Halo,” Bungie said in their latest Mail Sack feature. “In truth, the Fallen are as varied and diverse as the Covenant as a whole.”

Bungie then requested that people go and examine the E3 demo again to see the difference between the two races. Particularly, how certain enemies will draw your fire and how they work off of each other.

“Check out the demo again, and see how many varieties you can spot. Some of the smaller targets, like the Shanks and Dregs, will draw your fire,” Bungie said. “The larger crews, the ones that include Vandals or Captains, will have you wishing you brought that Fireteam. And let’s not forget about those moments when we’ll drop something as big as a Devil Walker in your path.”

Source: Gamespot