After announcing that they will not publish a game unless they can make it into a franchise, the company has now also decided that they will be releasing open-world games “on a regular basis.” According to CEO Yves Guillemot , shipping open-world games more frequently is one step Ubisoft will take to engage players further and broaden their market.

“We need to release open-world [games] on a regular basis. Open-world has proved to be the clear direction where game genres evolve,” Guillemot said. “It began with GTA for the action segment, then it happened to adventure with Assassin’s Creed; to the RPG with Skyrim and last year was its first major entry into FPS with Far Cry 3. The Crew showed at E3 that it can also be a big differentiator for the driving segment and excitement around The Division confirms how relevant it is to RPG games.”

Guillemot had some numbers to back up Ubisoft’s new direction by pointing out that the nine open-world games they have released brought “unmatched performance,” and said Ubisoft has this “unique capacity” due to their strong network of collaborative studios.

Guillemont also talked about the five “online and social breakthroughs”that each new Ubisoft game is going to need to have.

“Those breakthroughs are systemic gameplay, co-op and social, low barriers to entry, user-generated content, and personalized experience through analytics.”

Source: Gamespot