Dead Rising 3 produce Mike Jones spoke in an interview with Siliconera and explained that developing Dead Rising 3 was “breaking the bank,” so they had to partner with Microsoft and move the game over to the Xbox One.

“In terms of building the game, we originally developed it on PC and everything we were doing was breaking the bank on [Xbox] 360,” Jones said.

“The number of zombies, the streaming stuff we wanted to do, memory budgets for the number of environments, and items and physics and all of that stuff,” he added. “Our tech team partnered with Microsoft to get early specs and figure out how we were going to get it on new hardware.”

During the interview, Jones also talked about the changes that came with switching to the Xbox One and thanks to the technology of the console, they are are able to have a much bigger and in-depth world.

“The biggest things for us have been the size of the world, the density of the world, the streaming spaghetti of getting everything working with no load zones, and seamlessly streaming,” Jones said. “Also, how we build missions in a much larger world like that–how we send you to different districts and how we get you to explore all of these nooks and crannies in the environment.”

Source: Siliconera