One of  the few interesting announcements at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference was the popular free-to-play game World of Tanks coming to Xbox 360, as a free download through Xbox Live. The [a]list daily spoke with Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi and asked why they decided to their popular game to the Xbox 360.

“In North America and the UK, that’s the way people play games,” Kislyi said. “Microsoft and Sony combined have an installed user base of more than 100 million, and those are gamers. They’re not checking email on Xbox or PlayStation. It’s a culture. You have to come to them.”

The result is an impressive AAA game that plays well on the Xbox 360 and has all the appeal of the PC versions. “The core game has all the depth and complexity that the PC version has,” noted executive producer and creative director TJ Wagner. “It’s running on the same server versions. The changes we made were all about playing it from ten feet away. Simplifying the UI, navigating it from the controllers, combining the tank upgrades into packages.”

Kislyi also talked about the recent acquisition of Gas Powered Games along with veteran designer Chris Taylor. “There was some money changing hands, but we said let’s make something great and own the world with the next big thing,” he said. “I think Chris Taylor plus Wargaming is a good match. We have all cool cards in our hands. We have finance, we have free-to-play wisdom, we have operations and infrastructure around the world, we have the legendary Chris Taylor. He can do big things with our resources… combined with our free-to-play knowledge I think we will rock.”

Source: A List Daily