With a new console generation on the horizon, the question that is beginning to pop-up is how will mobile gaming and devices play into it all. Many developers and producers see mobile as competition for the next-gen consoles, but Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg wants to work hand-in-hand with mobile platforms to enhance the console gaming experience.

“We’ve built a lot of great capabilities in mobile, but the thing I’m most excited about is the ubiquity of second screen. Whether it’s the smartphone in your pocket or a tablet, the ability to connect with the next-gen hardware will be in a much more seamless way. We can really have our games comes to life on a second screen in a much more robust way,” he told [a]list daily.

“We were a little ahead of this with Call of Duty Elite. We were the first ones to allow you to create the load-out of your character on your tablet or your smartphone and then push it into the console. On the current generation we had to do a lot of technological gymnastics in order to make that happen. The consoles just weren’t designed with those devices in mind because those devices didn’t exist when these consoles were designed. Now with next-gen, there’s a much more robust connectivity with other devices. You’ll see a lot of creativity and a lot of energy coming from developers with the next-gen in this area.”

Source: [a]list daily