Why do gamers feel embarrassed about playing games? Has the medium not advanced enough into the social zeitgeist of our time to be considered common place?

During my extensive trip into the marvel that is Saints Row 4, I found myself questioning whether or not I would be “proud” to share these experiences with those who haven’t had the pleasure. Similar to a fine film,  it’s socially permissible to find common ground with friends and acquaintances based on the shared analysis of the merits of the movie.

Usually when gamers want to have a similar experience (share their dalliance in the gaming arts) they flock to games that are manufactured in a common technical style as movie making, saying “SEE! Games are Art!”

Nothing can better represent the cohesion of form and function in the medium of gaming than Saints Row 4. Above you’ll find an indepth analysis as to why Saints Row 4 reaches artistic heights thought impossible by other games!