The Legend of Korra: Book 2 will soon be upon us, and, as a fan of the show and its masterpiece of a predecessor Avatar: The Last Airbender, I decided to make a little list of all the things I would like to see in the upcoming season of Korra. Just so know, there are spoilers for Legend of Korra: Book 1 in this article, so do go watch that first because despite all the things I’m about to say, it is still an amazing show.


1. It will be more than 12 episodes.

2. We never talk about “psychic bloodbending” ever again.

3. It doesn’t start falling apart towards the end like Book 1.

4. No more crappy love triangles.

5. Zuko shows up for some reason. I don’t care how or why, I just want Zuko to to come back because Zuko is fucking awesome.

5. The main villain isn’t as big of a let down as Amon.

6. More murder-suicides on boats.


7. More flashbacks of Aang and the old gang because let’s be honest that is what everyone wants to see the most.

8. Bolin becomes less useless.

9. Korra becomes less stupid shortsighted.

10. Korra breaks up with Mako.

11. Mako then dies a painful death after Korra dumps him.

-Ways I want Mako to die:

  • Korra somehow learns bloodbending and then snaps his neck with it.
  • Asami punches a hole through Mako’s chest with one of those electric glove things, grabs his heart with said glove and sends volts of electricity to it which in turn causes it to explode.
  • Asami runs him over with a bigger vespa this time.
  • Bolin gets tired of Mako’s shit and crushes him with a boulder.
  • Mako gets pulled apart limb by limb by a platypus bear.
  • Aang comes back to life somehow and so taken back by Mako’s douchness that he breaks his one rule of never killing and ends him on the spot.
  • They find Sokka’s space sword, and then decapitate Mako with it.
  • Korra takes away Mako’s firebending and then lights him on fire so he dies a very ironic death.*

12. They reveal who Toph’s husband was.

13. Most of the screen time goes to Aang and Katara’s kids.

14. The main villain gets defeated by Korra using the Avatar State to summon Aang and the villain’s head explodes because he can’t handle the sight of Aang’s super smexy jawline and beard.

15. The writers enjoy the “Amon Stand-Up” meme so much that they bring him back and give him his own spin-off (think Seinfeld).


16. There is a cameo by M. Nightshyalaman where he spins the Wheel of Punishment and gets boiled alive in oil.

17. General Iroh II shows up at the end to single-handedly take care of everything again, but this time in an Iron Man suit.

18. We see the emotional hardship that Amon’s Lieutenant went through after being betrayed, and how he manages to move on with his life and start anew… staring Tom Hanks.

19. Lin Beifong realizes she is too badass to be left out of season 2, so she bends to rules of reality and forces the writers to give her a movie.

20. The Cabbage Salesman is revealed to be the one behind everything.

* The Author would like to stress that his distaste for Mako is not because he is some psychotic shipper who is upset all of his Korra/Asami fan-fiction was ruined because of the ending of Book 1, he just thinks Mako is a massive tool.**

** But seriously, if we can have murder-suicides on boats, I don’t see why we can’t have a lesbian couple.



21. Korra and Asami get it on!