The little android console that could, the Ouya, isn’t exactly making the kind of splash many people thought it would. Despite a successful Kickstarter, the console has been getting very mixed reviews and its recent commercial for the device didn’t have people emptying their wallets. Ryan Green, developer of the Ouya exclusive That Dragon, Cancer, however, is stepping out to defend Ouya. On his personal blog, he stated that although Ouya’s PR is terrible, their hearts are in the right place.

“Frankly, there’s really no way around it, Ouya PR has been a field of exploded mines,” writes Green. “But that usually happens when you’re the first one through the minefield. They’ve made mistakes, sometimes they haven’t fully owned up to them.”

“The difference between the folks at Ouya and most everybody else, is that they got to live through their failures in public, while we got to lob stones. Imagine for a moment, how that would feel. You’re hitting Julie, and Bob, and Kellee and every person in that 30-odd member Ouya “cooperation” (See what I did there?) who wants to see a dream come true. Who wants to help the industry. Who wants to succeed. Who had the guts to step out on the field.”

Source: Game Industry,