I guess Sakurai realized that revealing Toon Link as a returning character was an extremely lackluster announcement, so he decided to make up to everyone by letting everyone know at today’s Nintendo’s Direct that the popular Sonic the Hedgehog would be making his return to the series. So now, we have a game where Mario, Mega Man and Sonic can do all out battle. Let me check here… yes! Yes, I do indeed have an erection.

Sonic return isn’t too surprising, but I know a lot of people were slightly concerned he might not come back. Though, I guess now that Nintendo will be publishing the next three Sonic games, I guess he was pretty much guaranteed a spot and he was one of the most popular characters in Brawl. Seriously, I remember when Sonic was first announced to be in Brawl; fans lost their shit. You thought Mega Man’s announcement was a big deal? Try to find a forum post from way back then and see the reactions.

All of the screenshots of the Blue Blur in action are pretty cool, his more colorful design in this game looks great and I’m looking forward to playing as him again. Yeah, he wasn’t the best character in Brawl, but I enjoyed using him as one of my main fighters immensely.

Source: Smash Bros.