Mega Venusaur

Out of the three original starters that got a Mega Evolution in X and Y, Venusaur definitely got the shit end of the stick. Blastoise got more cannons, Charizard got two forms, one of which can shoot blue fire, but all Venusaur got was the flower on his back raised and a giant, pink asterisk on his forehead. Sorry Bulbasaur fans.


Mega Areodactyl

Aerodactyl is one of my favorite Pokemon, so it is kind of disappointing that all they decided to do for one of the most badass Fossil Pokemon was just jab some black rocks into his skin and call it a day.


Mega Gyarados

Okay, before anyone jump downs my throat, I’m not knocking on Mega Gyarados’ design. I’m saying he got screwed over with his Mega Evolution because he didn’t get to become a fucking dragon! Mega Charizard X got to me be one and even fucking Ampharos! Fucking Ampharos got to be a dragon and not Gyarados. Speaking of Mega Ampharos…


Mega Ampharos

Maybe it is because I was never a fan of Ampharos to begin with (What electric Pokemon is that slow?), but I get the odd feeling that Ampharos’ Mega Evolution cinematic probably turns into a  shampoo commercial when it activates. I never would have guessed that if Fabio was a Pokemon that his locks would grant him a dragon-typing. I know a lot of you are going to say I’m “hating” because I don’t have long, flowing god-like hair like Mega Ampharos, and you would be right.


Mega Manectric

Sweet. Fucking. Arceus. Mega Manectric is by far the dumbest looking Mega Evolution hands down. I bet when it Mega Evolves, instead of its normal cry, you head a studio audience laugh track. I didn’t realize that Game Freak had the kind of connections to get Lady Gaga to design of their Mega Pokemon. Even though most of the Mega Evolutions are just their normal forms with more wavy appendages, at least none of them just had a house flopped down on their head. Here is the kicker though, Mega Manectric’s ability is Intimidate. Intimidate. You know, that ability that is reserved for Pokemon that look threatening or at the very least have a way to make themselves look threatening? But I guess “Making your Opponent Bust a Gut” is a bit too long of a name for an ability.