If you are the one person on the entire internet who actually tunes in regularly to read my articles whenever a new Smash Bros. character is announced , then I’m sorry that the one I wrote about Marth still hasn’t been put up. Maybe Andy hate Fire Emblem, or maybe he had a friend who was a Marth user in Melee that always beat him and never let it go. I don’t blame him. I had the same relationship with new in the original Smash Bros; that stupid, psychic, ball-cap wearing prick!

Moving on! We have a newcomer this time around who was announced during Nintendo’s latest direct conference, or should I say, newcomers? They are Rosalina and Luma from Mario Galaxy! I’m not quite too sure just how Rosalina and Luma are supposed to work though. They seem like they can be used independently of each other, unlike the Ice Climbers where one just copies the others moves, and Rosalina seems to summon Luma but how to you control them both at the same time to set up for some of those combos that the trailer showed? Does it involve the Wii U Game Pad? If so, is there no way to use her properly with the Pro Controller? Is it just easy to use the Wii Pad? I guess all these questions will just have to be answered in time.

Source: Smash Bros.com