“Marches Back”? Was that seriously the best I could come up with? Whatever. Kirby’s main nemesis (at least I think he is) is making his return to Smash 4. Dedede first appeared in Brawl along with fellow Kirby rival, MetaKnight, and was a welcomed addition.

Um, I’m not going to lie, I don’t have much to say about Dedede. Normally I would talk a little about how the character plays or how what I thought of him, but I rarely used him at all in Brawl so I can’t say much on him either way. you can infer from his design that he is a slower and bulkier character and, um, he has a cool hammer. Sorry, I’m a little at a lost of what to say, but I am glad he returned. Hopefully he has a better Final Smash this time around though.

Source: Smash Bros.com