Taking Caer Bronach

“Capturing Caer Bronach” is automatically triggered when you approach the bandit keep while trying to complete the “Still Bandits” main mission. Kill all the bandits inside, and you’ll resolve the quest. There are no special strategies, but you may want to assault the place carefully. The enemies aren’t especially tough, but they’ll be on your level, and charging in and swinging blindly won’t end well.


Burdens of Command

Burdens of Command is triggered by speaking to a wraith in Old Crestwood. This quest is completed in-line with Still Waters, so speak to the wraith about her problem before entering the Flooded Caves. Agree to help her.

Enter the Forbidden Cave and navigate it to the bottom. One of the enemies here, in the area just past the dwarven ruins, is a Rage Demon. He has no special abilities, and he only has one ally in the fight. Kill his friend first, then use ice-based attacks against the Rage Demon. If that’s not possible, don’t worry about it; just attack him with what you’ve got, and he should go down without much trouble.

At your convenience, speak to the wraith in Old Crestwood to resolve the quest. For the sake of efficiency, you may want to wait until you finish Still Waters.

Still Waters

Still Waters is automatically triggered upon entering Crestwood the first time. Follow the road to Crestwood Village; the road features a short fight against a couple undead, and they’re easy enough to take down. When you reach Crestwood Village, you’ll need to fight a couple more, but then the village will be safe for a moment.

Enter the village and speak to the mayor, who will be marked on your map. He’ll give you a solution to the rift problem. You may want to trigger Homecoming before advancing the quest since you will be able to complete both in tandem.

The first step of helping the village is to head to a bandit-infested keep and take it back. When you approach it, you’ll automatically trigger Capturing Caer Bronach. There are no special strategies to kill the bandits inside, but they’re on your level, so you’ll want to take care as you assault the keep.

Keep ascending as you wipe out individual engagements. The mini-boss of the keep is a pure melee attacker that hits hard but doesn’t have much else going for him. Kill his minions, then attack him with your best powers.

Once he’s dead, head up the stairs from which he emerged. You’ll find a place to plant your flag and claim the keep for the inquisition. The keep serves as another base so you can heal up and resupply. Even better, it even features crafting tables so you won’t need to head back to Skyhold if you want to make something new.

The next step of the Still Waters quest is to exit the keep from the back door. It’s located near the tents, and a sign reads “Dam Access” even if you’re not mousing over it. If you’re going the right way, your character will point out that it’s the right gate.

A simple dirt path leads from the back door to the building containing the dam controls. The building is more or less abandoned, so you’ll have no resistance as you get to the control wheel. After a cut scene, the lake will be drained. Exit the building, cross the bridge, then turn left to descend into the lake bed.

Old Crestwood is run down and, other than a few undead, is fairly vacant. A set of wooden planks marks the entrance to the Flooded Caves, and it stands at the northwestern corner of the old city. For reference, the icon marking the Flooded Caves is almost directly west of the icon for the North Gate Camp.