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Weekly News Update: Gangsters and Gaming for Good

GTA: Now with Real Gangsters! As was reported earlier this week, GTA got real life gangsters, or people who know real life gangsters (Gangsters, once-removed

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Weekly News Update: Ouya Hurls and GTA…DOES WHAT?

The US Supreme Court Frags Noobs Often times, it seems like the entire judicial and legislative branches of the government are anti-video game. One of

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Weekly News Update: Gold Seller Buys, Looses Gold

Age of Empire 2 gets…an expansion? Age of Empires 2 is really one of those games everybody should have played as a kid. Not only

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Weekly News Update: Mario Kart Saves Lives!

Video Game Lobby Opposes Video Game “Research” Lots of People say that video games are bad: but it seems that some people are fighting back,

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Weekly News Update: KOTOR III and Snowden: The Game

  Australia Decides to Allow GTA V  Australia doesn’t exactly have the best track record with video games. They’re censorship boards routinely ban games, and

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Weekly News Update: Future Kanye and Digital Castration

The Best Game Ever ft. Kanye West You know that you’ve made it when a video game has been made after you. Wait, did I

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Weekly News Update: Firefly Might Fail, but Magikarp Flails

Reading Rainbow: Now with Arthas and Thrall! World of Warcraft has been with us nearly Nine years, and its gone through ups and downs, good

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Weekly News Update: Jail Breaking Woes and Putt-Putt Lows

  The Sci-Fi Skyrim that Never Was Skyrim’s pretty much amazing: a massive world, the freedom to roam as you wish, and the ability to,

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Weekly News Update: Money, Money and More Money

Mattrick Hears “Cha-ching” When going to Zynga A little while back, Don Mattrick departed Microsoft and took a position as CEO of ZYnga games. Mattrick

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Weekly News Update: Steam is Sharing and McAfee is Swearing

Bethesda Says Prey 2 Just Ain’t Good Enough A long while back, there was a very awesome trailer released for Prey 2, a sort of

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