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Are We Ready for Metal Gear Solid V?

Among the titles that have been whipping up excitement following this year’s E3 lies the stealth action adventure that is Metal Gear Solid V. Hideo

June 17, 2013 Articles
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Top 5 Things We Want to See at E3 2013

5 – Watch Dogs We were first given a glimpse into Ubisoft’s action hacking game this time last year at E3, but since then we haven’t

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Konami’s Pre-E3 Show – What We Learned

Yesterday saw the airing of Konami’s pre-E3 show in lieu of the main event starting on Monday. The company promised to show five games, and


Should Call of Duty Change?

The Call of Duty franchise has dominated game sales since 2007 with the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, a game that dramatically

May 28, 2013 Articles
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How Important Is Music in Video Games?

Music has an impact on people that many other mediums do not. It’s capable of both evoking emotional response with softer melodies and pumping blood

April 22, 2013 Articles
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Why a “Moral Choice” in Gaming….Is Awful

Moral choice systems have seen a resurgence of popularity in the current generation with several titles in the past few years offering the player varying

April 18, 2013 Articles
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Why We Love Stealth in Gaming

The stealth genre has come a long way since its inception decades ago, with the first real game that focused exclusively on stealth game being

April 09, 2013 Articles
horsearmordlc Comments Off on The DLC Debate: Part 2 – DLC Gone Bad

The DLC Debate: Part 2 – DLC Gone Bad

Last week I talked about the different types of DLC, and more importantly that it’s important to remember that different types of content cater to

April 03, 2013 Articles
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The DLC Debate: Part 1 – Types of DLC

In the current generation of gaming, downloadable content forms a large part of the gaming market. In the eyes of the publisher and developer, it

March 26, 2013 Articles
Crash Bandicoot 3

Why Nostalgia Never Works….Even in Gaming

Last week a popular rumor swept across the internet that a new Crash Bandicoot game was on the way. The news came from a “leaked”

March 20, 2013 Articles
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