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Educated Gamer: Game and Punishment

It wouldn’t be far wrong to assert that game designers in game worlds have more power than governments in real worlds. If they didn’t want you to steal or

February 22, 2013 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Game vs Film

Cinema and videogames are on a convergent path – this is undeniable. Two of the most memorable games of the last ten years were L.A Noire

February 16, 2013 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Arts Gratia Artis

Art for art’s sake. To answer the question that plagues video games – namely, whether or not they are an art on a par with

February 08, 2013 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Grand Theft Argument

“There are some entities that cannot be actors. These include taxonic collectives such as ‘men’, ‘women’, ‘white people’, ‘black people’, etc; social classes; ‘society’ and

February 01, 2013 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Is there True Beauty in Games?

Art is in the imitation of nature (Pere Andre Batteux 1675-1764) uniting the beauties of nature is what an artist does, and a game unites

January 29, 2013 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Mass Effects and Nonlinear Narrative

Video games free people from the shackles of linear storyline – storyline can be moulded by the actions of the player. Thus the experience is customized

January 24, 2013 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Why Moral Choices Are a Myth

“I am Andrew Ryan, and I’m here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? ‘No!’ says

December 25, 2012 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Choice vs. Story

“The future game player might be an actor in a drama over which he has no control” – that’s exactly what makes a drama dramatic (Poole

December 07, 2012 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Imurder – The Divide Between Reality and Fantasy

“Real, unreal what’s the difference? As long as you don’t get caught” – Trickster (Brainscan 1994) Brainscan was a brilliant nineties film starring Edward Furlong

November 30, 2012 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Freedom is Boring Structure is Addictive

There’s a fine line between freedom and fun. Games should allow you to experience a certain level of freedom but enough constraint to offer a challenge to

November 24, 2012 Articles, Sean Brink
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