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Fans Would Quit Playing If They Didn’t Lose Their Micro-Transaction Weapons Everytime They Die Says War Z Producer

Executive producer of War Z Sergey Titov spoke with Eurogamer at GDC and explained that many people would be upset and quit playing the zombie

March 29, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
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Auction Houses ‘really hurt’ Diablo 3

During a talk GDC 2013 in San Francisco, former Diablo 3 Director Jay Wilson confessed that the Auction Houses (both the real-money and the in-game

March 29, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
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Gamespot CEO Discuss PS4 and Wii U

Gamespot CEO Paul Raines has apparently met with various Sony executives and has a “high degree of confidence” that the PlayStation 4 will play used

March 29, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
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New Adventures for Lara Croft

While no-one is actually sure if it is a new game, DLC or something different, Square Enix Europe has a trade mark filed for Lara

March 23, 2013 Videogame News & Previews

An Explanation as to Why Digital Releases on Xbox Live Aren’t Same Day

Have you ever wondered why the big AAA games digital releases take longer to appear on Xbox Live then say every other platform on the

March 22, 2013 Videogame News & Previews

Rockstar Apologies For Keeping Quiet on GTAV

Rockstar knows that everyone wants more information on the up and coming Grand Theft Auto V, but though it might not seem like it, Rockstar

March 22, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
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Vlambeer Prefer to Charge $3

Ridiculous Fishing by Vlambeer was launched on the App Store last week and has apparently been getting good reviews and strong sales. I haven’t played

March 20, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
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Dead Space 3 and Xbox 360 Top of Charts for February

Dead Space 3 and the Xbox 360 are the sales champions of the month February in the US, according to the latest NPD data. This

March 15, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
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BioShock Infinite will be ‘talked about for a long time to come’, says 2K

I still have a sour taste in my mouth ever since Bioshock 2 showed up and essentially made me like one of my favorite games

March 11, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
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There Is Still Money to Be Made on PC, Says Capcom

It seems to be that PC is the home for more creative and indie games to flourish while consoles are the best way to get

March 05, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
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