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Phil Fish Blowout vs Bioware’s Casey Hudson Hate: What Can We Learn?

Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to Phil Fish….So here’s ours!   This week on VGS we discuss and compare the blowout

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Former Bioware Writer Talks Mass Effect Endings and the Retake Mass Effect 3 Movement

Commander Shepard’s story in Mass Effect could have seen our  stalwart hero disguised as an alien….who just didn’t know it yet……I’ll let that sink in

June 18, 2013 Videogame Interviews
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VGS Radio: Former Bioware Writer Drew Karpyshyn Talks About More Star Wars Games!

  Any classic Bioware fan should already recognize the name of this weeks guest, while Drew Karpyshyn (Pro tip: Rhymes with Suspicion) may no longer be

June 06, 2013 Videogame Interviews
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VGS Interview – Commander Shepard (Mark Meer): Why the Ending to Mass Effect 3 is “Perfect”

   CALM DOWN FOLKS! The incendiary title aside, Mark Meer (the voice of Commander Shepard) joined the show this week to give a retrospective on

May 30, 2013 Videogame Interviews
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Raphael Sbarge AKA Kaidan Alenko Talks Mass Effect 4 and Provides a Restrospective

This week on VGS we announce the winner of last week’s contest, talk ALL about why EA and Microsoft are in the news and use

May 18, 2013 Videogame Interviews
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Why a “Moral Choice” in Gaming….Is Awful

Moral choice systems have seen a resurgence of popularity in the current generation with several titles in the past few years offering the player varying

April 18, 2013 Articles
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VGS Radio: Mass Effect Citadel DLC Giveaway and Exclusive Interview on Torment: Tides of Numenera

Video Game Sophistry or VGS is radio dedicated to one thing, high quality gaming. Not only can you expect hosts Andy and Dave to delve into

March 29, 2013 Videogame Interviews
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The DLC Debate: Part 1 – Types of DLC

In the current generation of gaming, downloadable content forms a large part of the gaming market. In the eyes of the publisher and developer, it

March 26, 2013 Articles
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Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC Walkthrough and Easter Egg Hunt

If you haven’t had the chance, go to your console of choice and download the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3. Not only is it

March 06, 2013 Videogame Guides
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Data Miner Who Discovered Mass Effect DLC Leak “Reckoning” Was Misquoted

  Late last week a data miner with a penchant for spelunking was able to discover some interesting new tid bits of information about the

February 04, 2013 Articles
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