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Watch Dogs Large 0

Watch Dogs: 100% Guide- Weapon Crates

  After completing the mission One Foot in the Grave (Act II, Mission 04), Tobias will call Aiden while in open-world mode and ask him to keep an eye

Diablo3 1

Blizzard Interview: Diablo 3’s Big Move to the Consoles- What to Expect for the PS4 Version

  Diablo 3 is the one of the biggest games ever made over 23 million copies were sold on the first day and now for

September 16, 2013 Videogame Interviews
wii_u 0

Ubisoft Still Standing Behind the Wii U

  Ubisoft is still waving their Nintendo flag on the sidelines as executive director Alain Corre tells IGN that they are still very confident that

August 30, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
LeePerry 1

Lee Perry On Why He Thinks Many Games Seem to be the Same

BitMonster Games co-founder Lee Perry went to his personal blog and shared his opinion why he thinks many games seem to be all the same.

August 08, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
ouya 1 OUYA: A Venemous Warning to Potential Buyers Overall Score

OUYA: A Venemous Warning to Potential Buyers

  There are not many times where you can honestly say the purchase of a games console was done on a whim. Come November, no

WitcherMonsters 1

Witcher 3 Developer Interview: “45 Minutes To Traverse the Damn Map….on Horseback!”

At E3 this year The Witcher 3 garnered hundreds of different awards and accomplishments, not to mention the viewing party gave away free polish beer

July 27, 2013 Videogame Interviews
oculus rift 0

Oculus Rift Creators More Interested in Mobile Gaming

The Oculus Rift seems to be making quite the splash since its release. many people have been talking about the device and where it can

metroidcastlevaniaheader 0

Metroidvania Marathon: Or How I Learnt To Stop Worrying And Make Metroid Crawl

(Metroidvania Marathon is an on-going series of articles examining the two series which give the sub-genre its name; Castlevania and Metroid. The series will go

July 03, 2013 Articles
swapperfeatured 0 “The Swapper” PureSophistry Review Overall Score

“The Swapper” PureSophistry Review

First, an admission; The Swapper is a rather short four-hour long puzzle game with a singular concept. Before the wave of new indie titles which

June 21, 2013 Articles, Videogame Reviews
ps4 console 0

The PS4 is a Consumer-Focused Machine, says Jack Tretton

If you watched Sony’s E3 Press Conference, then you saw Sony just lay into Microsoft by revealing that the PS4 supports used games, functions without

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