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Educated Gamer: Game vs Film

Cinema and videogames are on a convergent path – this is undeniable. Two of the most memorable games of the last ten years were L.A Noire

February 16, 2013 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Arts Gratia Artis

Art for art’s sake. To answer the question that plagues video games – namely, whether or not they are an art on a par with

February 08, 2013 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Grand Theft Argument

“There are some entities that cannot be actors. These include taxonic collectives such as ‘men’, ‘women’, ‘white people’, ‘black people’, etc; social classes; ‘society’ and

February 01, 2013 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Is there True Beauty in Games?

Art is in the imitation of nature (Pere Andre Batteux 1675-1764) uniting the beauties of nature is what an artist does, and a game unites

January 29, 2013 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Mass Effects and Nonlinear Narrative

Video games free people from the shackles of linear storyline – storyline can be moulded by the actions of the player. Thus the experience is customized

January 24, 2013 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Choice vs. Story

“The future game player might be an actor in a drama over which he has no control” – that’s exactly what makes a drama dramatic (Poole

December 07, 2012 Articles, Sean Brink
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Educated Gamer: Freedom is Boring Structure is Addictive

There’s a fine line between freedom and fun. Games should allow you to experience a certain level of freedom but enough constraint to offer a challenge to

November 24, 2012 Articles, Sean Brink
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