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Weekly News Update: Ouya Hurls and GTA…DOES WHAT?

The US Supreme Court Frags Noobs Often times, it seems like the entire judicial and legislative branches of the government are anti-video game. One of

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Weekly News Update: Firefly Might Fail, but Magikarp Flails

Reading Rainbow: Now with Arthas and Thrall! World of Warcraft has been with us nearly Nine years, and its gone through ups and downs, good

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Weekly News Update: Money, Money and More Money

Mattrick Hears “Cha-ching” When going to Zynga A little while back, Don Mattrick departed Microsoft and took a position as CEO of ZYnga games. Mattrick

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Weekly News Update: I Didn’t Ask For Thief

  I Missed Garret Thief: Long anticipated and questioned, the reboot of the classic stealth game is getting closer and closer, and we finally have

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E3: Garden Warfare: A Pleasant Surprise

When I sat down to the EA Press Conference, I expected quite a few things: Battlefield 4 (I enjoy destroying copious amounts of property),  Madden

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Weekly News Update: Titan Flounders and Xbox’s Eyes Wander

  A Natural 20 on His Luck Roll The Curiosity Cube was, up until this week, a philosophical experiment: How long can peter Molyneux force

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Weekly News Update: Of Art and Youtube

  Double Fine Wants What Is Theirs Ownership is a pretty basic principle of our society. Sure some people have different ideas of how it

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Weekly News Update: How Much for Hyrule?

  Now for Sale: Hyrule Castle Pretty much everyone loves The Legend of Zelda. I mean, maybe nostalgia plays a SLIGHT role in that, bu the franchise,

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Weekly News Update: Girl Scouts Got Game

    I Swear, this is the LAST time I talk Blood Dragon… Now, I know I’ve mentioned Blood Dragon before. No, I’m not a Ubisoft plant,

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Weekly News Update: Rock Band Looses its Rock

More news, More strange happenings in the world, but just as many shakes of the heads and laughs. Welcome to another issues of the VGS’

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