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Watch Dogs: PS4 Exclusive Content Guide

There are four PlayStation Exclusive Missions that Aiden gets from DedSec. They involve stealing data, taking down Fixers, then uploading the data for DedSec to use. CTRL After starting the

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Watch Dogs Tips: How To Cheat in Poker!

The game Watch Dogs is here and as you hack and slash your way into this meaty, amazing title here’s a sure fire way to

May 27, 2014 Videogame Guides
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Damned: Online Horror Done Right?

Steam’s Early Access scheme is allowing a lot more unusual, off-the-wall game projects come to light; a recent example being Damned. A five-player “randomized online  horror

September 28, 2013 Articles, Videogame News & Previews
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Weekly News Update: Gangsters and Gaming for Good

GTA: Now with Real Gangsters! As was reported earlier this week, GTA got real life gangsters, or people who know real life gangsters (Gangsters, once-removed

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Weekly News Update: Ouya Hurls and GTA…DOES WHAT?

The US Supreme Court Frags Noobs Often times, it seems like the entire judicial and legislative branches of the government are anti-video game. One of

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Saints Row 4 Easter Egg Unlocks: The Men in Black Gun and Dildo Bat

A sentence you can only expect to write when talking about a Saints Row game. Below you will find detail instructions on how to obtain both

August 20, 2013 Videogame Guides
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Weekly News Update: Gold Seller Buys, Looses Gold

Age of Empire 2 gets…an expansion? Age of Empires 2 is really one of those games everybody should have played as a kid. Not only

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Weekly News Update: Mario Kart Saves Lives!

Video Game Lobby Opposes Video Game “Research” Lots of People say that video games are bad: but it seems that some people are fighting back,

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Weekly News Update: KOTOR III and Snowden: The Game

  Australia Decides to Allow GTA V  Australia doesn’t exactly have the best track record with video games. They’re censorship boards routinely ban games, and

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Phil Fish Blowout vs Bioware’s Casey Hudson Hate: What Can We Learn?

Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to Phil Fish….So here’s ours!   This week on VGS we discuss and compare the blowout

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