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Destiny Easter Eggs: Playing with Balls of Every Variety

Going to the tower is NOT fun in Destiny….Unless of course you have an inclination to play with big black balls! Some assorted easter eggs

September 20, 2014 Videogame Guides
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Watch Dogs: 100% Guide- Weapon Crates

  After completing the mission One Foot in the Grave (Act II, Mission 04), Tobias will call Aiden while in open-world mode and ask him to keep an eye

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Titanfall Canadian Launch and Review: Not For Everyone

One of the unfortunate realities of living in the great white north is that often developers won’t send all the same gaming goodies to Canucks

April 12, 2014 Videogame News & Previews
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The Five Games I Played This Year (2013)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Kwanza and what ever it is the Jedi religion celebrates this time of year (Jedi Santa is the best Santa). Since

December 24, 2013 Articles
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The 5 Least Impressive Mega Evolutions

Mega Venusaur Out of the three original starters that got a Mega Evolution in X and Y, Venusaur definitely got the shit end of the

October 17, 2013 Articles
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The Last of Us Creative Director on “Mankind” The Last of Us Misogynist Roots

Creative Director Neil Druckmann of the game, The Last of Us spoke earlier this month at an IGDA event. He outlines how the process of the writing developed in

October 09, 2013 Videogame Interviews

GTA V Exploit: Earns Millions in Minutes!

GTA V is fun, finding money early on….can be difficult. Fortunately, here’s a simple way to earn a few quick million early on to help

September 30, 2013 Videogame Guides
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Damned: Online Horror Done Right?

Steam’s Early Access scheme is allowing a lot more unusual, off-the-wall game projects come to light; a recent example being Damned. A five-player “randomized online  horror

September 28, 2013 Articles, Videogame News & Previews
000000000000raymanheader 0 Rayman Legends: PureSophistry Review Overall Score

Rayman Legends: PureSophistry Review

Rayman Origins was a work of art, in this humble reviewers opinion; a colourful, cartoony world populated with daft enemies, massive and ridiculous bosses, and

September 25, 2013 Videogame Reviews
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Blizzard Interview: Diablo 3′s Big Move to the Consoles- What to Expect for the PS4 Version

  Diablo 3 is the one of the biggest games ever made over 23 million copies were sold on the first day and now for

September 16, 2013 Videogame Interviews
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